Apple Blossoms-Up Close & Personal
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Monday, April 23, 2018
By Luci J Varon
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As I walked around  my backyard, the blossoms of our two apple trees caught my eye.  The blossoms were beautiful. I grabbed my camera and with my macro lens I was able to see the depth and the intricacy of the blossoms in their various  developmental stages  and the full bloom of the flowers.  I share the intricate details that we often miss in our hurried lives.  Notice the fuzz on the stem cup holding the bud, see the delicate lines, colors and folds of the buds, and then look closely at the details in the petal itself.   The last picture is of the moss that is on our trees.  These photos are available for purchase and for classroom use.  Please contact me for purchase and classroom usage permission.


With the exception of one or two photos these pictures were made by taking many shots of the subject , each shot focusing on different areas  and then combining the shots to make one fully in focus picture in post processing.    

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Betsy Babani - Stunning as usual. Make a collage.
Tziviah - Love these - really beautiful...