Deception Pass
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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
By Luci J Varon
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Deception Pass is about 90 miles north of Seattle on the top edge of Puget Sound. The extensive bridge is it's claim to fame, although the beauty around the bridge is not to be missed!

The first picture is of what seems to be a REAL house boat.  I first thought it was a small ferry, but when zooming into the picture, this "ferry" is a house! 

There are pictures from both sides of the bridge as well as pictures from one of the islands attached to the bridge.  Note the wave pattern from a boat that went through the "bay" and  under the bridge. The 'waves" abruptly stop as it approached one of the inlets-the wave action is centered in the center part of the waterway.

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Eta Ella Kwart - Is these real? Luci, stunningly beautiful photos. Love, Eta Ella