Fall in Seattle
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Monday, November 13, 2017
By Luci J Varon
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This year the fall colors are especially vibrant in Seattle.

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lea yinon - Hi Luci, wonderful and professional pictures. The colors are stunning.
Leya Moskowitz - Your vibrant pictures seriously rival fall foliage on the East coast. It doesn't get better then that . Kol hacavod
Barbara Gerber - So beautiful! Thanks for sharing nature’s wonders.
Debbie Barber - wow. the colors are fabulous. I love them. Thanks for sharing
Ephraim Bluth - Lovely. Nature at its finest. Thank God for natural foilage of such rare beauty. Luci, thanks for sharing.
Judy B - GORGEOUS! Glad I had the opportunity to see some of these in the flesh...
Michelle - These are beautiful pictures, Luci. I also thought that our fall colors have been better than usual. You have definitely captured their splendor.
David Adatto - Warm and inviting, simply stunning photos.
Nace - Very nice sis
kaden - beautiful pictures...you really captured the Fall season in the Northwest
Pamela Goral - Stunning! Such beautiful work Luci - thank you for sending.
Eta Kwart6 - Brilliantly beautiful!
David Levin - Beautiful. Love the colors and the way you captured them.
Cindy - Oh, WOW, these are beautiful!!