Iao Needle and The Tree, Maui
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018
By Luci J Varon
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Each time we go to Maui we tell ourselves that THIS year we are going to Iao Needle Valley and inevitably we never do, until this year.  The sad thing is that in September 2016 there were major rains and flooding which washed out many trails and the site was closed for the last two years. The site recently opened. The good thing is we were able to see the major attraction, i.e. the Ioa Needle itself and got a feel for the lush mountains and valleys. Unfortunately the hiking trails are closed.  The needle itself is a tall stick of lava. 

Now, The Tree.. It is  is located on Rt. 30, 10 miles south of Kaanapali. Each year we pass this tree and each year I say to myself, this scene would be a great picture.  So here are three pictures reflecting three visits to this site: one taken at 3pm one day, a second picture taken within 15 minutes of sunset on another day, and the third taken on a very windy day near sunset that I converted to a B&W.  ( Sunset is around 6 pm)

THE LESSON IS: Just Do IT, don't put off what you want to do because the opportunity may not be there again.

Click on the first picture to enlarge all the pictures.

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