La Perouse Bay, Maui
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018
By Luci J Varon
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La Perouse Bay was made from Maui's last lava flow and is on the southwest tip of the island.  Haleakala Mountain hovers over to the east. Although this side of Haleakala is covered in greenery one can still make out the cinder cones that dot the mountainside. ( The other side of Haleakala is similar to moonscape) La Perouse is mostly lava rocks, but trees and two kinds of flowers are beginning to flourish in areas.   We were surprised to see a black mama goat with two babies. 

This bay is quite long and is made up of both sandy and white coral rock beaches.  The bay starts at sea level with some trees lining the shore.  Slowly but surely the area becomes a field of large lava rocks that ascends  up to cliffs. These cliffs  extend for a mile or so. There is a 4+ mile round trip hike whose path is made up of lava rocks-not easy to walk over even with hiking boots! This path was made by the Hawaiians about 200 years ago and they walked on it barefoot!  Click on the first picture to enlarge all the pictures.

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