Mt Rainier in Winter & Summer
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Wednesday, December 26, 2018
By Luci J Varon
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Light is an amazing determiner in how we perceive what we see.  At the same time, each season with its particular weather and vegetation,  location of the sun. and  length of daylight also gives familiar scenes a different look.  One of the treats of a very cold snowy winter is icicles. Look closely at the Nisqually River and at Carter Falls pictures  to find these winter water phenomenon.

On Tuesday, December 25th, my husband and I spent the day at Mt Rainier.  Many of the pictures that are in this Blog will be followed by pictures taken during the summer at the same location albeit from a different  angle. 

The sites you will see the winter -summer difference:

Kautz Creek with Mt Rainier in the background

Nisqually River at the Bridge crossing.  In the winter scene Mt Rainer is covered in dark clouds.

The hike to Carter Falls and the Falls  And the pictures are in COLOR even though they look black and white!


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Mt Rainier -Winter & Summer

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